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Open Interpreter: Let Language Models Run Code on Your Computer

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📝 Open Interpreter: Let Language Models Run Code on Your Computer

Are you looking for a way to let language models run code on your computer? Look no further! Open Interpreter is an open-source, locally running implementation of OpenAI's Code Interpreter. With Open Interpreter, you can chat with language models through a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal and have them execute code in various programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Shell.

How Does it Work?

Open Interpreter equips a function-calling language model with an exec() function, which accepts a language identifier (e.g., "python", "javascript") and code to run. The model's messages, code, and your system's outputs are then streamed to the terminal as Markdown.

To get started, simply install Open Interpreter using pip:

pip install open-interpreter

After installation, you can run Open Interpreter in your terminal by executing the following command:


Alternatively, you can use Open Interpreter programmatically in Python:

import interpreter"Plot APPL and META's normalized stock prices") # Executes a single command # Starts an interactive chat

Benefits and Use Cases

Open Interpreter provides a natural-language interface to your computer's general-purpose capabilities. Here are some examples of what you can do with Open Interpreter:

  • Create and edit photos, videos, PDFs, and other files.
  • Control a Chrome browser to perform research tasks.
  • Plot, clean, and analyze large datasets.
  • And much more!

The possibilities are endless, and Open Interpreter allows you to leverage the power of language models to automate and streamline your workflows.

Future Directions

Open Interpreter is an exciting project that is constantly evolving. As a community-made project, contributions are highly encouraged. If you find Open Interpreter exciting and want to get involved, don't hesitate to contribute!


Open Interpreter is a powerful tool that allows you to harness the capabilities of language models to run code on your computer. With its ChatGPT-like interface and support for multiple programming languages, Open Interpreter opens up new possibilities for automating tasks and making programming more accessible to a wider audience.

To get started with Open Interpreter, visit the official website to get early access to the desktop application. The project is licensed under the MIT License, giving you the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the software.

So why wait? Give Open Interpreter a try and experience the power of language models running code on your computer!

Open Interpreter GitHub Repository

"Having access to a junior programmer working at the speed of your fingertips ... can make new workflows effortless and efficient, as well as open the benefits of programming to new audiences."

— OpenAI's Code Interpreter Release